Principal’s Message

Indore Nursing Nursing professional is most trusted ,have a great responsibility to care for the lives of patients ,so their technical skills need to be excellent to provide preventive, promotive & curative aspects of health care by the nurse’s blend of Cognitive, Psychomotor, and effective region where the demands of special skills : keen observation, emergency identification, therapeutic use of effective communication, collaboration, attention to detail, Empathy, Critical Thinking , Time Management and stress management of self and service, dedication, patience, love & care for sick or injured patient must be inculcated during students training period.

We have a dedicated team of Nurse educators are mentors for future nurses striving hard to provide the students with the latest knowledge and skill that would help them to stand out in this fiercely competitive world.

Our campus is vibrant with energy, enthusiasm, and activity. The environment is congenial for learning, and it is for a student to take the full advantages of the opportunities and explore their potentials. To deliver quality education and preparing nurses with competent skill the institute is well equipped with various laboratories and managed within a multispecialty hospital will get hands-on experience while pursuing the course, to produce practical skill orientation of the aspirants .Nursing professionals who will go out into the world and make us proud. I am sure all individual students , will find our institute is just the right place to craft their own future.

The faculties are efficient and highly motivated who plan meticulously academic as well as co-curricular activities such as cultural competitions, academic related competitions, college festivals and numerous other activities contributing towards the development of emerging health care systems in public and private health care organizations, as well as community services. ICON Education Society believes, the progress of a country depends on the health of the citizens and education of Nurses contributes a lot to promote and maintain the health of the nation. We, the faculty of nursing take up the responsibility in promoting nursing education based on scientific principles, relating to theory and practice, to produce skilled, highly competent, and qualified nurses, to face the challenges. We promote all round development of the students with special emphasis on intellectual, cultural, and spiritual aspects and extracurricular activities to prepare them as effective change agents in the dynamic society. The College offers MSc Nursing (2Yrs), Basic B.Sc Nursing(4Years), Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing ( 2Yrs)& Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery (3Yrs)Programmes , to develop proficient, competent, and intellectual nursing professionals to accomplish any patient work in a high-tech care environment globally. The college is affiliated to Madhya Pradesh Medical Science University, Jabalpur, Recognized by Madhya Predesh State Nursing Council & Indian Nursing Council. The School of Nursing is affiliated to Madhya Pradesh state Nursing Council.

I welcome all the new students to our college and wish them success throughout their academic journey , as successful nursing professional. My firm conviction is that the students from this esteemed institution would carry the rich values and virtues imbibed here to greater heights. I wish all the best for all in achieving greater success and scaling newer heights in education and career ahead.

VISION: Prepare nursing leaders with distinctive scientific knowledge , encourages innovative relief services towards sufferings and in sustaining the promotion of health.

MISSION: The foremost concern is to develop nursing students professionally competent through academic excellence and training at Global level in the practice of nursing care aiming at provision of comprehensive health care with high ethical standards with all–round development of the individual students with creative thinking, zest for higher education, research, and leadership qualities, enhances the individual student to become a good leader and self-motivator in professional practice of nursing.

Indore Nursing

With Best Wishes

Dr.Prof. Achamma Varghese
Indore Nursing College